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Backyard Art in the SGV

Latino Filmmaker Explores Lucha Libre in New Documentary

Jennifer Renteria’s “The Uncultivated Park” (Activate Vacant)

Blurring Boundaries: A Conversation About Urban Nature with Jennifer Renteria (Activate Vacant)

Labor Meets Leisure On the Eastside: Ramiro Gomez Jr’s Latest Work

Christopher Anthony Velasco’s “Let It Sparkle” (Activate Vacant)

SEMAP on “Around the Valley” Podcast

Carribean Fragoza’s Poem Installation “Ay Corazon” (Activate Vacant)

Open Call for Artist Proposals: Activate Vacant

No Time like Summer Time

Curating at the Intersections of Community, Internet, and Gallery Space

East of East: How’s the Water in Pomona

Playing With Pics

Interactive Curating Continued: From Hamden, Connecticut
Interactive Curating: “right here on my desk”
The Social Life of How’s the Water? Photographs: A Call for Interactive Curating
Hi from NYC: an Update on How’s the Water?
Rethinking the Tourist Gaze
Hi! From the Hopscotch Committee
Bike Riders Bike Riders Bike Riders
South El Monte Arts Posse: How’s the Water?
Long Beach Pa’ la Niña

Seeing South El Monte
SEMAP Inaugural Happening


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