Carribean Fragoza’s Poem Installation “Ay Corazon” Goes up July 13th

“Ay Corazon” is a self-titled poem-installation. This sculptural piece, constructed with plastic grocery bags and copper wire, will be mounted onto a tarp-covered fence that faces a busy street near the 60 freeway entrance.

The Project

This project is influenced by graffiti art and shares graffiti’s affinity for transgressing boundaries and trespassing private property. Also similar to graffiti, the goal is to beautify an otherwise blank or blighted space with my own personal aesthetic vision. However, there are some marked differences. Unlike graffiti, instead of marking one’s own name as a way of claiming or marking territory, I’m interested in marking the name of another, of a loved one as in a public proclamation of affection. However, instead of observing an anonymous moniker, the audience is meant to insert the image of their personal sweetheart.

Location and Time

“Ay Corazon” will go up tonight at 5:30pm (July 13th) on Santa Anita Avenue off the 60 Freeway near the Mobile Gas Station, directly across from the other huge, empty vacant lot. Look for us, we’ll be there 🙂

Artist: Carribean Fragoza

Carribean is an interdisciplinary writer and visual artist living and working in Los Angeles and in her hometown, South El Monte. She is a graduate of UCLA and CalArts’ MFA Writing Program. She is currently working on several book projects, is founder of  the South El Monte Art Posse. She has published her work in publications such as Palabra Literary Magazine and Emohippus.
Updates: Photos and Artists Statement Coming Soon.
We will be posting artists statement and photos immediately after we install.

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