Hi from NYC: an Update on How’s the Water?

This past Friday November 11, we invited our East Coast friends to our apartment to eat some tamales, beans, rice, have a beer, and check out our exhibit “How’s the Water?” As in El Monte, we had a free raffle to make sure every person who came out took a photograph home. This reflects our desire to create art for and with community and disseminate the vibrant cultural production and heritage of El Monte and South El Monte residents. In an effort to connect photographers, curators, individuals photographed, and raffle winners, and to track the social life of images of El Monte/South El Monte, we are asking that you send us a picture of the home you gave the photograph (feel free to get creative). Please include what part of your house it’s located in and the city… We will then share these images through our blog. (send to semartsposse@gmail.com)

As we get ready for our March 2012 exhibit in Pomona, we want to share with all of you a short video about SEMAP and Hows the Water? (made by Andrew Hakim). A big, big thanks to all the artists, collaborators, family, and friends who made this possible. Ojala nos veamos muy pronto! Abrazos and saludos from NYC


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