Interactive Curating: “right here on my desk”

We recently asked folks who came out to the El Monte or NYC showing of How’s the Water? to send us a photograph of the home they gave their newly acquired photograph. As these begin to arrive, we’ve started sharing them with SEMAP photographers. While we plan to create a place online to map all these photographs (we’re also looking into the possibility of including them in our March show in Pomona), we decided to share all the photographs and when possible a response from the SEMAP photographer on our website.

Here is the original photograph, taken by Juli Grigsby

Here is the home that Hector Saenz, a doctoral student in Anthropology, gave it:

Juli’s thoughts:

Cool! I appreciate that the photo I created is right next to a Velvet Underground record, it somehow transports the image to a different space and time, soundtracking. In the hilarity of it all, the photo is seemingly crammed into a small area, with art, money, incense, ceramics, pens, random objects but most importantly near the book entitled “Of Minimal Things.” in a place that is clearly not minimalist nor comprised of minimal materials. Yet, ironically the book is about cultural memory and relation which is exactly one themes of the “How’s the Water” exhibit. Randomly, I like the placement of the netflix sleeve, which without it a viewer would not be able to tell nearly what year it could be. My photo, now his, seems to have found a home perfectly placed amongst a daily lived in scene. Glad you like it!


3 thoughts on “Interactive Curating: “right here on my desk”

  1. F. guzman

    Intersting!. just like the bikes and bikers on this picutures, have a place in a what it looks a small area still in order, same thing where the picture is now, in a small place and in order.

  2. photoone.

    This project seems to ask about the importance of photographs as physical objects…as opposed to digital images on tumblr, facebook, etc….Do people treat photographs as object with more care?

  3. anonymous.

    @f.guzman, thats an intersting observation.
    I think another question might be if photographs on the web: facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc, etc, have a similiar/different function than those in print..I dont know anyone who has 1,00 printed images of themselves (as compared to fb profile pics)


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