Interactive Curating Continued: From Hamden, Connecticut

We recently asked folks who came out to the El Monte or NYC showing of How’s the Water? to send us a photograph of the home they gave their newly acquired photograph. This one comes all the way from Hamden, Connecticut.

This is the original photograph, taken by Jason Gutierrez:

Ariel Mae Lambe Mercik, its new owner, recently emailed us a photograph as well as the following:

“I chose the photograph I did because I was drawn to its vibrant colors. Also, I have a great affection for public transportation, and think that this image of the bus and the bicycle conveys a lot of hope: Someone is going places!

The photograph sits next to an original artwork by Sophie Ziner on the bookshelf next to my desk. The shelves hold books I own and library books, stationery, postage stamps, writing implements, art supplies, and various objects precious to me. The walls in the room are a deep golden color, and the books and other objects on the shelves add dozens of other shades. It is a sunny corner, and a corner that inspires both creativity and intellectual work.”


1 thought on “Interactive Curating Continued: From Hamden, Connecticut

  1. f.guzman

    my thinking when i see a bus carrying also the bike, i think of a person who does not give up. and it inspires me to keep going… like the owner of the photos said ” hope”.
    thank you!


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