No Time like Summer Time

NYC we like you, but it’s time for some SGV. Time to run around Legg Lake, to eat some tacos de la esquina, to take Aura for some swim lessons, and to continue exploring space through art and literature. We have some exciting projects in the works: an “East of East” vacant lot project, a zumba video art installation, and some collaborative projects with other SGV and “East of East” arts and literary orgs.

This coming Thursday (June 7th) we will be participating in Nuvein Foundation’s Young Artist Expo. High school age students in El  Monte interested In pursuing a degree and career in the arts will have the opportunity to meet and talk to artists, writers, and art organizations. We’re super excited to talk to students about SEMAP and to hear from them how SEMAP can contribute to their artistic development.  The event will take place from 2 to 5pm, at the Club Cubano del Valle de San Gabriel/San Gabriel Valley Cuban Club (Cuban Club) located at 10960 Lower Azusa Rd., El Monte, CA 91731. For more info click here .


1 thought on “No Time like Summer Time

  1. Francisca

    Summer Is filled with brightness, Loner daytime light, cool evenings, but this summer is also filled with Aura’s laughter, and cari and Romeo’s presence. Welcome to SGA


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