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Hi! From the Hopscotch Committee

Armed with a large box of 32 sticks of primary colored chalks, we got on our hands and knees and drew large, small, and medium sized hopscotches on the sidewalks of Tyler Avenue. Each box communicated pertinent information: Public Art, Fotos, Video, Silkscreen T-Shirts, Free Raffle, Todas Edades, July 27th, 7-9pm, Tyler & Asher. These playful ads seek to activate the routine walk to El Monte High School, to Columbia Junior High, to the swimming pool, to the library, to Arceo Park, the bike ride to the bus station or the corner where daily laborers wait for work. To remind us (adults) that happiness, even if brief, is nine short, little, effortless hops away. That the simply joys of childhood need not be in the distant past. That, like the lines that make up the hopscotch, our sidewalks, streets, and parks should be flexible enough to be respond to the needs and desires of its current inhabitants.

Keep your eye out for free lemonade (made from lemons found on public sidewalks), free raspados, and colorful posters/flyers. To help make hopscotches, pick fruit from trees on public property, and/or make or post flyers/poster email semartsposse@gmail.com