Ricardo Flores Magón & the Anarchist Movement in El Monte, California

Tropics of Meta

This is the very first installment of our new series, East of East: Mapping Community Narratives in South El Monte and El Monte, produced in collaboration with the South El Monte Arts Posse. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting entries from a forthcoming anthology about the diverse histories, communities, and cultures of the California cities of El Monte and South El Monte, created by a wide range of scholars, artists, poets, activists and other community members.  The reader is part of the SEMAP-La Casa archive and public history project, and the first entry is brought to us by Yesenia Barragan, Mark Bray, and Alvaro Marquez.

“Forward, comrades! Soon you will hear the first shots; soon the shout of rebellion will thunder from the throats of the oppressed…Land and Liberty!”

These were the prophetic words of the Mexican anarchist Ricardo Flores Magón printed…

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