Vickie Vertiz’s chapbook Swallows

In May we will be hosting a poetry picnic carne-asada style at Legg Lake to launch Vickie Vertiz’s new chapbook, Swallows.
As May approaches we’ll be posting more about Vickie and Swallows. In the meantime, we wanted to share some cool updates. Below, an excerpt of sorts. “Pets,” a video poem (video produced by Kenji Liu).

Vickie was recently on KPFA’s “Setting the Standard with Pedro Reyes.” Click here to listen to the interview. You can order your copy of Swallows here. The more copies she sells during the pre-order period (Dec to Feb 27th) determines
how many author’s copies she’ll get. In other words, the more she sells the more she can give back to the community, including local youth that she has worked with. Stay tuned for more details, hope to see you all in May.


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