SEMAP’s First Artist Residency (Nov 11-21)

SEMAP’s 10 day non-LA based artist residency, one of three residencies SEMAP hopes to offer, will support the work of emerging non-LA based artists who work outside the “centers” of art, explore topics/subjects not often examined by mainstream institutions, and engage questions related to space. While this residency is for non-LA based artists, its ultimate goal is to produce a reciprocal understanding of place: art projects will speak to, work in, and engage space in El Monte/South El Monte and the artists’ hometown. Residency is currently by invitation only.

We’re really excited to have James T. Roane and Huewayne Watson, of the Black Arts Collective of Philadelphia, as our first artists in residence. “Where Are the Bodies,” their contribution to the on-going vacant lot series Activate Vacant, will examine the displacement of black and brown bodies, particularly thinking through El Monte and Philly’s distinct, but similar geographies and histories. We’ll be posting more about “Where Are the Bodies,” and the Black Arts Collective this coming week so stay tuned. And holler if you see us roaming the streets and vacant lots of S. El Monte.

P.S. check out their tumblr for a nice visual narrative of their time in Cali


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